Success Stories

"Expect to begin your elevation the moment you enter and share the same space as Coach Ivana. I now understand where the name, The Confidence Architect, comes from...the innermost part of her beautiful soul. You cannot help but to feel, receive, and embrace every vibration that resonates from this empowered speaker and teacher! I assure you, this is the first of many workshops by Ivana that I plan to attend. I highly recommend V. Ivana Foster, The Confidence Architect.
-Eva Flores (Full Name Proudly Approved) at Actually Actualizing Seminar, Atlanta, Ga.

"I was expecting hard work as I attempted my weight-loss goal however; I never anticipated the quick results I received. Funny thing about weight-loss, as shared by Coach Ivana, it all begins in the mind Before it takes place at the table!
I Do, I Do, I Do...Love Me Some Me! Thanks Ivana!"
-Christina N., Canton, Georgia-Weight-loss

"Sometimes the truth hurts...but it's needed to carry out a lifetime. Thanks for riding with us Ivana!"
-Stacy Curtis & Jana Middleton-Curtis, (Full Name Proudly Approved), Atlanta, Georgia -Relationship Coaching

"I have known Ivana for just about a year and a half now. Because we are in the same doctoral program, I would often see her at the University. One day during one of our brief conversations, she shared that she was a life coach. At that point, I had heard about a life coach but was not quite clear as to what they did. As she begin to share and answer some of my questions, it became quite clear to me that I needed her assistance. Up to that point in my life, I had continued to ask myself the same question over and over again…”Why was I here [in the program], For what reason? And more importantly, “For Who?” After just one session, I walked away with a semi-plan and a much needed life coach for my life. Twice a month, for the past three months, I have come away with simple action steps to place inside my life. After almost burning out on school and work, I have become recharged and look forward to living and loving my life each day. I am very appreciative of that day because now… I have a life coach too!
-Michelle T. Doctoral Student, Fayetteville, Georgia