DREAMS Mastermind Coaching Group

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When considering making a change in your life, it’s difficult to pin point the exact starting location. The process of change usually involves conflicting thoughts and feelings and is all too often manifested in a kind of mental paralysis. In addition, the attempt to change finds most individuals lacking the necessary resources, knowledge, skills and support to effectively navigate a successful transition.

DREAMS™ Groups are purposely structured to:

  • Clearly identify those desires and goals of each client and couple.
  • Eliminate obstacles
  • Provide structured programming and accountability
  • Support clients and couples through challenging or discouraging moments
  • Provide tools and resources needed for optimum success
  • Provide a safe, secure environment to interact, share, and grow during the change & shifting process.
  • Provide consistence to clients and couples by offering groups in physical locations as well as virtual platforms.

Agenda Focus (Topics Not Limited):

  • Journaling 
  • Narcissistic Abuse Recovery 
  • Relationships
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety/OCD
  • Stress Management

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