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How to Live Consciously and Enjoy a Prosperous Life
by The Confidence Architect™

All it takes is a commitment to bring abundance into your life and the follow-up actions to make it a reality. This book will guide you through specific action steps you can take to attract the life you desire. Engage in the se actions every day, and soon you'll realize the life of joy and happiness you've always wanted

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30 Days of Growth and Enhancement for Success Driven Women

The Flagship Empowerment Journal & Guide That Started & Created the Success for The Confidence & Prosperity Lifecoach, V. Ivana Foster aka The Confidence Architect™
Designed & Written For Success Driven Women By a Success Driven Woman!

Begin to overcome fear-based barriers by.. .
-Becoming that desired confident person you've always wanted
-Celebrating relationships you have always wanted
-Beginning to turn passion into real businesses
-Changing and/or replacing generational beliefs
-Beginning to develop desired, quality relationships

The Couple's Workbook serves as the feedback companion to the PREPARE/ENRICH: Customized Version inventories.
It contains the 6 core feedback exercises, with over 20 couple exercises in all.