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Favorite Topics of Past Participants:

  • Confident About Confidence: 30 Success Driven Women Devoted to Growth and Enhancement
  • Actually Actualizing: Self-Actualization (Designed exclusively for The Jewell Jackson McCabe Emerging Leaders Institute, Inc.)
  • Designing Life Standards for Success
  • DREAMS: Designing Realistic & Effective Actions that Maximize Success!
  • "I'm Just Saying...” Recognizing Moments That Call For Change
  • Mindfulness is a Superpower!

Seminars, Workshops, Classes Presentation (List Not Limited):

  • Building and Enhancing Confidence
  • Self-Actualization
  • Creating Personal Identity & Image Enhancement
  • Life Purpose
  • Communication Skills
  • Forgiveness
  • Living Life with Integrity
  • Achieving Potential: Belief Systems
  • Creating High-Quality Relationships
  • Behavior and Personality Profiles and Styles
  • Time Challenges & Solutions
  • Managing Stress
  • SWOT: Personal & Professional Goal-Setting Tools
  • Sex, Class, Gender, and Race
  • Building and Sustaining Relationship in the workplace
  • Sexual Orientation in the workplace
  • Emotional Intelligence in relationships
  • Intra- and Inter-personal skills
  • Culture Competency
  • Vision Boards & Journaling

Participants in Past Training , Conferences & Workshops Have Included:

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Note : Because of the vast differences between Life Coaching and Clinical/Psychological Therapy; where appropriate, Ivana will initiate the appropriate referrals to those recommended psychologists and therapists that have partnered with her coaching practice.